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Date sent: 2016/12/04 06:07:59
A few guides for new players to help them enjoy the game. This is "my way to play"!

My opinion: its one of the few real free to play games, as you can enjoy the full game without spending any real money.
Of course, its a pay to win (top 1-50), like 99% of the online games! But in AoL, if you are an active player, you can get lots of "gold" (the premium coins) and you can keep up with most of the paying players.

Here is a link to the official guide on creating a new account and save your game progress:

ATTENTION! Connecting your game to a Facebook account will not save your game! The only safe way is by creating a new account and using a real email address, allowing you to play on different devices too.

Level 1-15
- fallow the "Recommended Quests";
- focus on upgrading your castle to lvl 15 to unlock T3 troops;

- city buildings: 8 hospitals , 3 barracks, 9 houses (at higher lvl's 18-20, you'll need to demolish 2 barracks and build more hospitals). This numbers depends on how often you play, keep hospitals at max lvl to save your troops in case you get attacked.
- resource buildings: for start focus on upgrading only 1 of each (farm, mine, quarry, mill). Best way to get resources is to gather them from tiles on map.
troops to train:
T1 (tire I) - 5k of each Militia, Bowman, Light Cavalry and 1 k Battering Ram
T2 - 30k of each Pikeman, Longbowman, Heavy Cavalry, and only 10k Ballistas (to complete a recommended quest)
T3 - only 10k Catapults and the rest as many as you can.
- log in and claim your "Gift for Lords" as often as possible;
- use gold only to buy shields! Keep your troops protected 24/7!
- do all you can to get the 3 prizes in events, lots of gold and speed-ups!

PS. Siege troops are week against the rest of the troops and useless in siege attacks until traps will be included in game.

Enjoy the game

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