Basic building

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Date sent: 2016/12/02 06:30:07
Basic building
1. Interior buildings
2. Exterior farms
3. Skill points
4. Research
5. Gathering
6. Events
How often and how long you login can change this a little.
After building all the necessary buildings there will be 19 spaces to split between hospital house and barracks. 8/8/3 is what I went with. Have enough hospital space for all your troops keep them up to lvl. Houses make silver and cut down troop training time try to keep most up to lvl. Barracks amount of troops you can build. Keep at least 1 up to lvl. If you long in less 9/6/4 more hospitals.and barracks. As you get to higher lvl hospitals space gets spare. Your have to make room for more .the idea to have enough hospital space for all the troops. And build more troops every time you login.
Feeding troops and resource. Farms farms farms. There is 25 spaces for farms mill's quarry and mine . (1 gold mine for Facebook references big rewards for this I demolished for farm you may not want to)12 farms all to lvl. 4 mill's quarry mine 12/4/4/4. Only need to keep 1 up to lvl . And if you get troops more farms. There is an upkeep reductions and fame boost helps keep from going to zero food.. save gold for shields 1250 for 3 day is best bang for the buck. I only boost food with alliance points. Most all the resource for lvl upgrade come from gathering. Rock wood silver metal food . You can't lose troops on tile so gathering is good. Start as soon as you have the troops. Try to optimize troop load finish tile that way it regenerates finished tiles mean more full tiles start with lower one than as you get more troops work your way up . Skill points construction Research gathering maxed out only food production should be put into . The rest only the minimum to open the tree. If you mess up or need to put into troop training or fighting there is a skill reset. It not permanent I found myself switching depending what I was doing building training gathering. .as for events gathering food gathers the fastest than wood and rock. Iron next and silver the slowest so try and gather full loads in that order. Rember finished tiles mean more full tiles. Try to only send 1 March to each tile the less time marching the more time gathering . Troop training simple enough build troops. I use speed ups here. To help get that tier 3 gold prize. Gold is good..
I haven't done kvk because a hold a lot of resources and have no way to protect them from the big players looking for easy targets. Warning you must drop shield to attack or scout. And that red line is what they look for they will port in next to you and train you 6,7,8 9, attacks before your troops get back or you can shield even if you have troop they will lose till your research is much better. Maxed out...
Try to reach lvl 15 as soon as you can only lvl 1of each thing to get to the next lvl . (Keeping hospital space and farms up for the troop you have) at lvl 15 you get tier 3 troops 50 points in events and 4th march. Helps in events.
And I have yet to spend any money on this game .
Don't forget the daily prize . And try to pop on to collect the Lord chest as often as you can .a log and set. I check shield. Collect Lord chest send marches for gathering train more troops If needed start next building and research.

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